Department of Steel & Mines

ProjectPhase III

(i)   Computerization of Mines & Minerals Transportation on a PILOT Basis:-
The main function of Directorate of Mines is to collect taxes from the lessee. The taxes are in form of Royalty, Dead Rent and Surface Rent. The taxes are fixed by the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), Government of India. But the tax is collected by Government of Odisha. For collecting taxes the Directorate of Mines has introduced a concept of Transit Permit and Transit Pass. To collect taxes Directorate of Mines, established weighbridges and check gates in the different areas near the Mines. The function of Weighbridge is to weight the quantity of minerals / ores transported from mines to the destination and the function of the check gate is to verity the Transit pass provided by the Directorate of Mines. There are also railway sidings near the mines where the minerals / ores are transported to the destination through railway wagons.

In the Phase III, the objective of the Pilot is to automate the manual process for collecting taxes by usage of ICT. A web based application will be developed by which the Transit Permit & Transit Pass will be applied and issued online. The Lessee can only transport the permitted quantity of Mineral. The Weighbridge operator and check gate operator will update each and every transaction. The system will re-consolidate the transaction and generate different kind of MIS report, which would help Directorate of Mines to take intelligent decision making while collecting taxes.

Project Objective
Develop a suite of application for Issuing of online Transit Permit and Transit Pass.
To check each and every transaction of Transportation of Mineral from the Mines.
To connect all the check points like Government Weighbridges, Government Check Gates & Railway Siding with dedicated connectivity.
To cross check all the Minerals transported at Govt. Weighbridge, Check Gate & Railway Siding.

Project Outcome
Department of Mines
Transparency in Issue of Transit Permit & Transit Pass
Tracking of mineral movement & TP Usage
Different types of Intelligent MIS report generation
Fast decision making by the Government.
Lessee & Buyers
Online Request for Transit Permit & Transit Pass
Time saving & Cost effective in terms of travelling to mining office
Transparency in Issue of Transit Pass