Department of Steel & Mines

Why Update Profile?

Under the gazette to be released by the Department of steel and mines all companies operating as a Lessee are required to update their details on the website The objective behind this action is to create a transparent atmosphere within the various stakeholders operating in the mines and mineral sector and the citizen. This would help preventing theft, smuggling & Illegal mining and to regulate the possession, storage, trading and transportation of minerals in the State of Orissa.

The commencement of the process to transparency begins with creation of a formidable database of all important stakeholders in operation namely the companies operating as Lessees and Licensees. This database will be instrumental in construing an MIS application will provide information of different 14 Mining Circles operating in the state. Information about the trading, Licensee, ML, RML, Lease period, Regulatory Acts & Rules of commodities will be available online to the registered members. The proposed system will enable the users and Stake Holders to gather information on real times basis what is happening at different Mining Circles.

This SMALL STEP towards this Mega IT intervention will long way into streamlining all those activities which has been a bottleneck and speed breaker for all the companies investing in the Mineral sector.

Information you are required to fill in:
Name of the lessee.
Total Mining Area Lease
Order no. & Date of the Lease.
Date of approval of Mining Plan.
Date of approval of Execution.
Date of Registration.
Approval of Issue of Terms & Condition
Letter of Intent from Govt. of India
Diversion of Forest Land by MoEF
Grant of Surface Right by Collector

Advantages are many. Listed are a few of them:
To build an active database for Mining lease details to track online present status and to make it transparent MIS application.
The Web Based MIS application will contain all the parameters ML, RML and Regulatory details.
By updating the profile it would be easier for lessee to submit request for RML as easily as ever.
The proposed web based MIS will aim to be a premium information service to all Stake Holders covering global and domestic markets with feeds, statistics and expert market commentary.
All the Stakeholders will be provided with Secured Login ID and Password through which they will update their approval status online.
The concern users at different circle level can view their working area and update the same time to time.
By means of the proposed web based MIS, the stakeholders will be able to do online transaction.
The proposed portal will make the internal communications faster and convenient.
Reduces time-to-publish, allowing lessees to get content published faster.

How to update profile ?
Are you a company already registered under the Department of Steel and Mines? If yes, then you already have a CODE which acts as a USER ID and a PASSWORD. In that case, the process to update your profile is very simple.
Please obtain your code from the website of Department of Steel & Mines ( To do that, click on the I3MS logo to go to the login page or Click Here
Using the unique code you are required to update all data required by the Government to build the data base. This data will be validated by the respective circle offices of Steel & mines Department.
Once validated you profile would be visible to you to check, edit or modify. However, every modification would result in verification and moreover all fields will not be editable.
Based on this Database online Transit Permit and Transit Pass will be issued. You may be denied application in case of incomplete data or if all data is not provided. The cut-off date for this data feeding is 27th Dec 2010.